Semiconductor packaging substrate custom manufacturing— glass, ceramics, silicon and metals

Nowadays, more and more different materials are applied to semiconductor packaging, beside traditional silicon, silicon carbide and other semiconductor materials. We are experienced to provide customized substrate for this application, customized size and thickness of different material such as glass, quartz for MEMS, ceramics for membrance circuits, and all kinds of metail for new packaging methods.

Silicon, silicon carbide, GaN:


700um thick silicon chips with metal coated

Transparent materials Glass/sapphire/quartz:


Glass chip @ 3mm*3mm*0.4mm

img_1813 Sapphire substrate:30*0.8*0.4mm

Ceramcis: Alumina, AlN, Ferrite


AlN substrate with Au coated

Metals: SUS steel, tungsten, molybdenum, copper, alloys,etc


Tungsten chips with sharp edge and corner under microscope


Molybdenum substrates for semiconductor packagin


Metal squares on tape (before expanding)


Steel chips after little expanding

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