Ceramics Products: alumina substrate, micro drilled aluminium nitride, fine cut zirconia, metallization,selevtive etching

Ceramics (including sapphire) is more and more important to modern industry, widely used in electronics, semiconductors, telecom(eg,5G), precision parts, as well as military use. But these materials are hard and brittle. With long term development, we have a complete chain from material, customized processing and metallization service. We provide custom manufacturing service for all kinds of ceramics parts at micron range features.

Ceramics material: Alumina, Aluminum nitride, Zirconia, Ferrite and transparent ceramics( such as YAG ceramics, Ce:YAG transparent ceramics, Y2O3 ceramics etc)
Thickness: 0.1~10mm
Min feature size: 0.01mm
Could be any shapes: circles, triangle, retangle, hexagon, polygon or any shape in CAD
Tolerance: 5~20um depends on dimension

Blank ceramics or metallized products with custom design patterns


Aluminium nitride chips (1.2*1.2mm) & Alumina washers


Ceramics cutting and hole drilling

Customized 99% Alumina Tubes

Customized 99% Alumina Tubes

Customized 99 Alumina Small Parts

Customized 99 Alumina Small Parts


blank-ferrite-and-alumina-substratesBlank Ferrite and Alumina Substrates with via holes and slots cutting


Ceramics Substrates—-before and after metallization (Ag printing)

ceramics-parts-cutting-drilling-metallizationMetallized ceramics parts (copper)

Click here for selective etching such as copper etching on ceramics substrate

metallized-ceramics-chips-after-dicingMetallized ceramics substrates for packaging & diced chips of ceramics subsrtaes

alnMicro perforated AlN substrate, micro slits in Ferrite substate

au-coated-ceramics-circuitsGold coated ceramics substrate

ceramics-circuitsCeramics package substrates

Click here for metallization solutions on ceramics and other substrates

cutting-quality-with-microscopeCutting quality checking with microscope