Custom patterned ITO glass circuits, ITO coating, selective etching, substrate cutting, 2um min line width

Complete solutions of

Custom designed ITO (Ag, Au or other conductive material) coated on glass or PET film

Coating thickness: 10nm~10um

Coatings:ITO, FTO, CNB, CNT, a-Si, nano-Ag, Graphene, Ag, Al, Au, SiO2 ,etc

Subsrtate: Glass, ceramics, PET, plastic, some metal substrates

Patern min line width: 2~10um (R&D),  recommend above 20um(production)

Any custom shape/patterns in CAD drawing

Max dimension:1000*2000mm

Application: touch panel, OLED, solar cell, electronics, medical, etc


Medical sensor(blood glucose meter) —— Au patterning on PET substrate

The process was developed several years ago for touch panel industry, which now is successfully replaced the wet etching process. And with long time developing and higher requirements from mobile phone industry, this process is completed and used in many other applications, mainly for developing or manufacturing sensor or circuits for OLED, medical, solar cell, consumer electronics, and many R&D cases.

We have done a lot of cases with different materials coated on different substrates, the typical one is ITO patterning, With the different absorption rates of laser, we could remove some material and no hurt to the substrate. The coating thickness usually less than 10um, and most of them is less than 1um.

transparant-ito-glass-circuitsTransparent circuits (  Transparant ITO glass with customized patterns)


ITO layer removed shot by SEM

Resistance: 4~ 100 Ohm or any specially required

Transparent rate (ITO): >80% depends on the coating thickness and resistence requirements

Conductive material:  ITO, CNB, CNT, nano-Ag, Graphene, and all kinds of metal coating, etc.


Metal layer selective etching: Ag coating patterning & Chrome coating patterning


Aluminum coating patterning & Thick copper layer(>100um thick) etching on alumina substrate


Metal oxide layer ablation & Medical plastic tube ablation


Min etching line width:  1~2um

Standard circuits area: any shapre and dimension no more than 600*600mm, max to 2000*2000mm for automotive application

ITO single layer and double layer etching, other coating film etching, such as Ag, Al, Si removing

Precision: +/-10%

Alignment: 5um

Any patterns of CAD output

The strength of this process is that it could etch 20/20um patterns which makes it possible to design the whole pattern very small and tight, and easy CAD input helps the designers have a fast prototyping and demonstration.And we have succeed in making a 2um line width pattern for a world-famous company in laboratory. In addtion, with improved technologies, double sides coating and patterning of different design is also possible10um-wide-lines-high-density-etching-cross-finger-electrodes Cross finger electrodes: high density lines of 10/10um line width/pitch

min-1um-line-width-ito-isolating Min 1~2um isolated line width could be achieved

multi-layers-selective-etching-silicon-removed-ito-remainingMulti-layers selective etching: Silicon layer removed and ITO layer and glass substrates remaining——-thin film solar cell application