Micro flow/dispensing/valve/injector/filter solutions

We are specialized in designing and manufacturing customized micro jet, nozzle, injector, valve, as well as all kinds of micro filters. We are not only professional in the machining, but also experienced in applications and their different requirements, including spray angle, flow control, dispensing effects, and materials.


We could make min 3~5um micro holes in thin metals, and to min 10um to most of other material, including polymer and plastic, the only limits is thickness. Normally we like to the depth of micro nozzle less than 1mm, and we usually mill some blind holes at the backside with precision CNC. However in glass and quartz, we could make the depth up to 10mm or even bigger and one of the main applications is transparent vacuum fixture/chuck on the production with CCD camera underside.


We understand the customers like to achieve a precision flow rate, liquid or air, so the hole precision and consistence are critical, we could make good quality holes at +/-2um tolerance and good roundness with Helical Drilling system, and the min holes size could be 60 microns, which could meet highest level applications, such as the fuel injectors of automotive or aerospace engine. And such applications also have high requirements to sidewall and taper control, the know-how of manufacturing and knowledge of the application help us always making the promising results.

                                                                                    Helical Drilling Process

                    Deep hole drilling in Sapphire with different processes and lasers

We also understand not all the customers are seeking highest quality, but they like the balance between cost and quality, and some of application require a extremely low cost, such as consumer products. We could drill hundreds of holes in one sec in thin material ( 0.1mm or less thick), and tens of holes in the thickness about 1mm, which helps the customers achieve their design with a reasonable cost.


                               Laser drilled dispensing discs

Another important flexibility is that we could choose any possible material to make jet or valve, not only metal. You need not assemble some rubber O-ring in your device; we could make the valve with any required plastic material. And some applications require hard materials and also required light transparent, then sapphire will be the perfect material. And we also experienced ceramics, silicon, glass, polymers and many other materials.

peek-drilling120um holes in PEEK cap

sapphire-machining-and-polishingSapphire made nozzle, fully polished

Since we have helped a lot of customers realize their ideas and designs to final products, just don’t hesitate to contact with us to know more of what we could do for you, only your application is at the range from several microns to several millimeters

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                   Complete micro injector designing, testing & manufacturing


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