Glass/quartz/sapphire machining—-drilling,cutting,engraving,bonding,fabrication,induced etching

Glass, as well as quartz and sapphire parts are quite difficult for traditional processing methods, and today these material are more and more widely used in many industries and R&D. Walthy is experienced of designing and manufacturing the such works, we are able to drill min 0.1mm holes in 5mm thick glass, 2.5D structuring inside glass, and we cut glass with no chipping and high speed, so that we are always the important partner of our customers who dealing with glass products. We also have “laser induce etching” process for inside holes and micro channels etching, which is a revolutionary process to low the production cost a lot comparing with traditional methods


Cut/Drill/Engraving/Marking in glass,as well as induced etching

Glass thickness: 0.05~10mm

Min hole size: 0.05mm

Max cutting speed: 400mm/s @0.5mm thin glass

Min feature size(etching,depth,etc) : 10um

If you have difficulty to acquire such special works, please feel free to contact with us.

We share some jobs we have done in such materials as following:

glass-square-cuttingGlass chips cutting with high productivity (3*3*1mm), min chip size could be 0.1*0.1mm, and no chipping cutting edge under microscope

glass-cutting-qualityCutting quality with high magnification microscope: sidewall vew and top view

milling-and-drilling-in-glassGlass engraving(double sides etching and through square holes) + High density hole drilling in glass wafer, for MEMS application

Customized Glass Chucks
Customized Glass Chucks
Thick Glass drilling and machining
Thick Glass drilling and machining
Glass micromachining including glass sand-blasting and cutting, engraving
Glass micromachining including glass sand-blasting and cutting, engraving
Customized Quartz Parts
Customized Quartz Micro Machining
Quartz Micro Machining

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 3d-glass-drilling3D glass cutting and drilling( watch cover glass ), step holes (2.5D structures)in cambered surface

optical-glass-machiningcoating-and-seletive-etchingOptical glass/ Reticle machining,coating and seletive etching

Click here if you need submicron features on glass with lithography and nanoprinting process

11111Rotating drilling in wine glass

glass-tube-cuttingFine cut of glass tube for medical application

glass-drilling-matrixMicro vias matrix for medical application—–body-on-a-chip

Microfluidic Parts made by sapphire
Microfluidic Parts made by sapphire

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0.4mm holes drilled in 2mm glass slide


Solar cell glass hole drilling and chamfering

spphire-substrate-cuttingSapphire substrates (30*0.4*1mm)

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  grooved-quartz-chuck-and-engraved-sapphire-coverGrooved quartz for vacuum chuck & Engraved sapphire plate for watch

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laser-induced-etching-processLaser induced inner hole etching, please contact with us for more cases of this process