Fine cutting of thin film, metal, ceramics, silicon wafer

* Material: any material except toxic materials, including all kinds of metal, alloys, and non metal material, especially hard and brittle material such as silicon, glass, sapphire, and ceramics, as well as flexible material such as PET film, flexible PCB, all kinds of plastics.

* Material thickness: 0~2mm

* Min pattern size: 0.005mm(depends on thickness and shape)

* Could be any shapes: circles, triangle, retangle, hexagon, polygon or any shape in CAD

* Tolerance: 5~20um depends on dimension

steel-cuttingMetal alloy square tube cutting

steel-stencil-cuttingCustom pattern cutting in 0.1mm thick steel sheet

customized-patternsOptical targets plate cutting quality    

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automotive-mirror-cutting Glass mirrior cutting   

glass-cutting-qualityCutting quality with high magnification microscope: sidewall vew and top view

glass-tube-cuttingFine cut of glass tube for medical application    Click here to know more solutions for glass material

cutting-quality-checkingCutting of PCB and ceramics circuits    Click here to know more about PCBs cutting solutions

cutting-quality-with-microscopeMicro cutting of Alumina      Click here to know more about ceramics products

pi-cutting Polymide film cutting for electronics     Click here to see more details of PI processing

pet-drilling-and-cuttingFine cutting of all kinds of flexible material   Click here to know more about PC products

carbon-fiber-cutting-and-drillingMicro cutting and drilling in carbon fiber plate   

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fine-cutting-of-steelMicro cuting process——promising quality for your application!