Lithography, Laser direct imaging, Nanoprint, femtosecond laser fabrication——–sub micron and nano features

With advanced facilities, we provide custom sampling and manufacturing service for sub-micron patterns, from 0.13 micron to several microns. Usually the substrates could be glass, quartz and silicon wafer, as well as films.
We own different equipments and process for different requirements and target prices, please feel free to talk with us


Custom lithography service for features of sub micron scale

1um-line-width-lithography 1um line width cross mark

copper-and-ito-patterning 15um copper and ITO patterning

Link 1, click here for more info about selective etching process

Link 2, this is another link for ITO and multi-layer patterning jobs

laser-direct-imaging Laser direct imagining process

laser-direct-imaging-processDirect imagining sample


Nanoprinting——-for features and structures of nano range

micro-fabrication-and-texturing-of-micro-rangeFemtosecond laser fabrication patterns

Click here for more micro fabrication of micron scale