Metalizing, metal deposition, electroplating, screen printing, TGV,TSV

Customized Metallization in many different substrates, such as ceramics, glass, sapphire, silicon, etc. Normally the coating thickness could be from less than 1um to tens of micron. The coating metal material which we are experienced in includes copper, silver, gold, etc.


metallization-on-ceramics-substrate Metallization in ceramics substrates

ceramics-parts-cutting-drilling-metallizationMicro works of ceramics—- cutting,drilling, metallization,selective etching

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silver-printing-on-alumina-copper-coated-on-glassSilver printing on alumina & Copper coated on glass   Click here to find our solutions of microfluidics 

We also develop complete process of metallization in vias, both sidewall metallization and full filling in these holes at tens micron diameter, known as TSV or TGV process in semiconductor area.tgv-process

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