Micro drilling in glass, silicon, ceramics, metals, hard and brittle materials

* Material: any material except toxic materials, including all kinds of metal, alloys, and non metal material, especially hard and brittle material such as silicon, glass, sapphire, and ceramics, as well as flexible material such as PET film, flexible PCB, all kinds of plastics.

* Material thickness: 0~2mm for hole diameter less than 100um; several mm thickness material is possible to >100um holes

Max depth-diameter aspect ration @ micron range: 20:1

* Min pattern size: 0.001mm (depends on thickness and shape)

* Could be any shapes: circles, triangle, retangle, hexagon, polygon or any shape in CAD

* Tolerance: 5~10% depends on hole size and material

Positive taper, zero taper or negative taper of holes profile avaiable

0-24mm-inclined-hole-drilling-and-sidewall-polishingCustom design fuel injectors——0.24mm inclined holes drilling, injector machining and sidewall polishing

cap1-2-5_7holes_25deg_020mm_sm5-axis drilling of any angle, >50um diameter holes

micro-drilling-qualityMicro drilling quality——–100um hole drilling in 1000um thick material & 40um high density drilling

Click here for more about dispensing applictiaon

0-3mm-drilling-in-7mm-thick-copperMicro copper machining parts—-0.3mm exit holes in 7mm length

Click here to see more micro parts machining cases beside drilling

high-density-hole-drillingHigh density microplate——-80*80 0.04mm hole matrix in 8.5*8.5mm sapphire plate, 6400 holes in total

Click here to know more about microplate applications

drilling-and-chamfering-in-glassThin film solar cell hole drilling with chamfering

silicon-drilling-with-semMicro drilling in silicon wafer shot by SEM

micro-drilling-in-glass-slideMicro drilled medical glass slide  Click here for more glass machining solutions

pet-drilling-and-cutting0.3mm holes drilling in  ploymer films   Click here for more polymer microprocessing solutions

stainless-steel-microplate-0-2mm-hole-matrix-in-2mm-thick-steel0.2mm hole matrix in 2mm thick steel plate for fliter

micro-drilling-filterStainless steel filter drilling

jigger-tube-drilling-0-2mmJigger tube——-0.2mm drilling in 1.5mm thick steel tube

peek-drillingPEEK cap drilling of 60um micro holes  Click here for more plastic micromachining case

optical-apertureMicro drilling for optical aperture   Click here for more optical slits products

tgv-processMass hole drilling for TGV/TSV  Click here fo metallization process after drilling


Micro drilling for LED breathing lighting, click here for more about this application


Dispensing drilling of 3~7um holes