Micro machining service—cutting, drilling, milling, engraving, selective etching,micro-structuring

As a company focusing on micro parts designing and manufacturing, we are experienced in all kinds of materials and requirements, widely used for all kinds of industries, are most of these parts are key components of the final products, their precision and quality are critical to your products performance.


Any material except toxic materials

Less than 2mm thickness( could be several mm for glass or quartz)

Cutting, drilling, milling, scribing, etching,texturing for 2.5D structures

Most of these works requires features from 1micron to 1000 microns, with a tolerance of several microns.

ceramics-parts-cutting-drilling-metallizationMicro works of ceramics—- cutting,drilling, metallization,selective etching

ferrite-and-alumina-substrates-cutting-drillingFerrite and alumina substrates(0.5*1mm rectangle hole cut)   Click here for more ceramics products

ti-drilling-molybdenum-cuttingTitanium plate drilling @ 0.5mm vias matrix   &   Molybdemum chip cutting (1*1mm) for packaging substrates

0-3mm-drilling-in-7mm-thick-copper Micro copper machining parts—-0.3mm exit holes in 7mm length

Click here for more micro drilling process

0-24mm-inclined-hole-drilling-and-sidewall-polishing Custom design fuel injectors——0.24mm inclined holes drilling, injector machining and sidewall polishing

Click here for more dispensing applications

chemical-etching-of-metal-sheetChemical etching in steel plate @ 0.5mm depth, leaving 0.1mm width edges

Click here for more etching jobs

optical-slit-cutting-obstruction-targetsOptical slit cutting———obstruction targets  Click here for more optical slits and targets products

micro-cutting-of-copperMicro parts of metal sheet

steel-cuttingSteel frame parts

Click here for more micro cutting process solutions

milling-and-drilling-in-glass MEMS application: 2.5D structures in glass——0.3 depth milling one side+ 0.1mm depth milling the other side+0.5*0.5mm sqaure through holes

Via hole(0.5mm) matrix drilling in glass wafer  Click here to find more solutions of microplate of diifferent materials

glass-square-cuttingGlass chips cutting (3*3*1mm)

Click here for more glass products

sapphire-glass-cuttingwatchSapphire watch holes cutting with +/-5um tolerance

Microfluidic Parts made by sapphire
Microfluidic Parts made by sapphire

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plastic-cuttingFine cutting of flexible material

Click here for more flexible material processing

grooving-in-ceramis-ablation-of-siliconMicro grooving in ceramics substrates & Micro ablation in silicon wafer

micro-fabrication-and-texturing-of-micro-rangeMicro fabrication and texturing of micron scale

Click here for more micro fabrication solutions

micro-aperture-copper-foil40um micro aperture matrix in copper foil @0.05mm thick

micro-perforated-steelMicro perforated steel sheet of 50um thickness