Microplates of all kinds of materials, via holes matrix in glass, quartz, ceramics, silicon

We provide microplate of matrix holes, slots or any customized shape or patterns. And the substrate material could cover all kinds of material, from metal to silicon, glass, sapphire, ceramics and so on

The hole/groove size is normally at micron range and the thickness is no more than 1mm, but for glass and quartz, we could achieve micro drilling in several mm thickness


Glass microplate: 0.5mm diameter hole matrix in 1mm thick D263t glass wafer

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Ceramics plate for wafer vacuum chuck and thermal dissipation


Sapphire plate hole cutting

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Ferrite plate   Click to know more ceramics processing


Alumina plate with custom design vias




Microplate of PC film, other flexible material optional  Click for more PCs products

high-density-hole-drilling High density microplate——-80*80 0.04mm hole matrix in 8.5*8.5mm sapphire plate, 6400 holes in total

stainless-steel-microplate-0-2mm-hole-matrix-in-2mm-thick-steel0.2mm hole matrix in 2mm thick steel plate for fliter