Obstruction Targets, optical aperture, micro slits, mask template, micro stencil, shims and brackets

With cutting-edge process of micromachining, we provide customers not only standard optical slits, but also good at customized making complicated patterns, metal mask, metal reticles and targets for optical applications, beside the single slit or pinhole, we could make any shape and pattern in thin material or coatings(eg Chrome coating), such as triangle, square,hexagon, ellipse, cross and pattern matrix as required distribution. The min size or width could be from nano to micron range, and customized coating is available also







High Power Pinhole
High Power Pinhole

10um-20um-slits-with-microscope 10um/20um slits edge quality

customized-patterns Custom pattern making, any shape above 10um could be customized


Mounted optical slits.    Click here for more standard slits buying

Customized Pinhole Array
Customized Pinhole Array

For sub-micron scale slits or custom patterns, please click here for solutions