PCB/FPC/Polymide/LCP/PTFE cutting for electronics

Not only traditional PCB/FPC cutting service, we were working with our partners for new materials processing solutions, such as the 5G application materials, including polymide/capton film, LCP, PTFE, etc.With long-term investment and development, we have succeeded in lauching production for above materials, we provide customers complete solution, from material to custom processed products.

pcb-cutting COMS, fingerprint sensor, storage cards

pcb-cutting-2Hard PCB panel

flexible-pcb-cuttingFlexible PCB

copper-sheet-cutting50um thick copper foil cutting and drilling

pi-cuttingPolymide (PI) cutting Click here to see the details of Polymide solutions

ceramics-substrate-before-and-after-metallizationCircuits of ceramics substrates Click here to see more processing solutions of ceramics

cutting-quality-checkingMicroscope checking

Click here to find more cases of other material fine cutting