Sapphire Blades/Sapphire Knives Customization

Sapphire is an ultra hard material that has an extraordinary features of chemical, phisical and optical combination to withstand high temperatures, high pressure, thermal shock, and water or sand erosion. So sapphire is an excellent choice for sapphire blades or sapphire knives.

Sapphire blades/knives are normally made from single crystal sapphire and has offered several advantages:
1.Sapphire’s hardness and excellent surface finish provide a superior surface for precision work. Because of this, sapphire blades have a better cutting edge than standard surgical instruments. By crafting a blade from this material, the cutting edge will remain sharp for much longer periods, leading to long-term cost savings for your practice.
2.The cuttings made with a sapphire blade are much finer that can be made with standard instruments. This leaves less cell damage along the incision. You get an accurate, clean cut with minimal tissue trauma and it can help the healing and reduce the scarring.
3.The sapphire blades are non-metallic, so there is no metal ion reactivity. Chemically inert to lymph, blood and disinfectants.
Based on the above features, sapphire blades are commonly used in surgical applications, like hair transplant surgical applications, ophthalmic surgery. Sapphire blades can also be applied on fiber optics for cutting and scribing.

We can provides all kinds of quality customized sapphire blades/knives, including sapphire surgical blades, optical fiber cutting blades and sapphire razor blades, etc.
Surface Quality of Blade Edge: 80/50, 60/40, 40/20.
Roughness: Ra 0.03 for balde edge, Ra 0.1 for Non-working surfaces.
Types: One-sided single-edged, double-sided single-edged, double-sided single-edged, duplex double-edged, customized sizes and types.


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