Sapphire substrate, sapphire optics, sapphire cutting and drilling

We provide custom processing service of sapphire parts,especially the micro features for high end application.

Min feature size: 0.01mm

Could be any shapes: circles, triangle, retangle, hexagon, polygon or any shape in CAD

Tolerance: 5~20um depends on dimension

We also sell raw material and sapphire wafer of different polishing requirements

sapphire-cutting-and-sidewall-polishingSapphire cutting and sidewall polishing quality

sapphire-watch-cover-cutting-no-chipping-cutting-quality Sapphire watch cover cutting & no chipping cutting quality

sapphire-optics-edge-qualitySapphire made optics & edge quality

sapphire-machining-and-polishing10*10mm cylinder sapphire machining and polishing

Sapphire Tube machining
Sapphire Tube machining
1*35mm sapphire rods
1*35mm sapphire rods

spphire-substrate-cuttingSapphire substrates for LED packaging   Click here to know more cases of packaging substrates
wine-hole-in-sapphire-chip0.6*0.6*0.6mm sapphire cube with wineglass-shape through hole drilling

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Sapphire engraving for customized watch assembling

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