Selective Etching/ Ablation/Engraving/Grooving of all kinds of materials

Selective etching is a process that removing required layer and no hurt to any other layer, usually the removed layer should be at the top side, but in some situation, we could also remove the inside layer We could do any pattern quickly, no mask required and chemical polluation to the product,normally the min line width and pitch could be 20~30um, in some material we could achieve less than 10um The layer thcikness could be 10nm~10um And we also succeed in doulbe sides etching of different patterns


ITO layer removed shot by SEM

transparant-ito-glass-circuitsTransparent circuits (  Transparant ITO glass with customized patterns)

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10um-wide-lines-high-density-etching-cross-finger-electrodesNormally >20um etching line width, but for some case we could achieve 10um and lessmin-1um-line-width-ito-isolating

Min 1~2um etching width could be achieved (Isolated)

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Metal layer selective etching: Ag coating patterning & Chrome coating patterning, glass/quartz substrate

Au-Layer Selective Etching

au-etching-on-ceramics-substratesSelective patterning: Au coating on alumina substrate


Multi-layer selective etching: remove silicon deposition and keep ITO layer remaining, thin film solar cell scribing

laser-dot-etching PMMA dot patterning

chemical-etching-of-metal-sheetChemical etching of steel

micro-channel-in-glass Micro engraving in glass    Click here for more glass cases

laser-induced-etching-processLaser induced inner hole etchingplease contact with us for more cases of this process