Thin Film Metallization, Multi-layer deposition on ceramics glass sapphire substrate

We could supply fast solution on prototyping, research or production of metallization on various substrates to make circuits, which could be used in optical communication, optoelectronic devices, electric vehicle and other microelectronic fields. Our metallization is characterized by excellent adhesion, stability and resistance against high temperatures.

We are able to deposit the metallization on almost all kind of substrates, and the most standard ones are ceramics including Alumina, Alumina Nitride, Sapphire, Diamond, Silicon Nitride, Ferrite, Glass and Silicon etc

Standard Multi-layer Metallization:

Gold Metallization on both sides and patterning

Some Standard Metal Layers: Ti/Pt/Au, TiW/Au, Ti/Cu/Ni/Au, Ti/Cu/Ni/Pd/Au, TiW/Ni/Au, TiW/Cu/Ni/Au

Gold thickness ranging from 0.1um to 10um

Line width:min 10um with +/-1um

Vias or filled vias

Laser Machining Holes and Machined Features

Other metallizations and thicknesses are available, please contact us for more information.

AIN Metallization
AIN Metallization
Customized Gold Metallization
Customized Gold Metallization

metallizationMetallization patterns on sapphire wafer

Diamond MetallizationDiamond metallization chips