Vacuum Chuck of Quartz or Ceramics with custom vias distribution from 10um to 1mm

We are experienced of all kinds of vacuum chuck for automation and mechinery industries,especially these with glass, quartz and ceramics material. With glass or quartz transparant material, the light could transmist from bottom, or the designer could put CCD under the table for alignment and testing, which is a important solution for products fix and alignment. Ceramics is an ideal material for thermal dissipation, we make slots or matrix micro holes in flat ceramcis plate, which could help minimize the thermal effect of the products during processing We provide solutions of design and customized manufacturing, from normal material such as aluminium, plastic, all kinds of metal, to glass and ceramics such hard and brittle material to meet your different applictaion requirements

Quartz vacuum chuck( for semiconductor wafer fixture)


Ceramics micro plate



Glass chuck  Click here for more quartz and glass products


Green laser drilling in 5mm thick glass———glass microplate for vacuum chuck  Click here for more microplates

Aluminium Chuck


Plastic fixture