Wafer dicing/ Wafer downsizing/ Laser cut down/ Wafer scribing/ Wafer grinding/ chamfering/thinning/ marking complete wafer manufacturing solutions

Walthy offers a one-stop processing service for semiconductor applications, including bare wafer, custom wafer cut or downsize, scribing and dicing, micro drilling, structuring and patterning, as well as grinding, chamfering, thinning and marking.

Wafer dicing quality with microscope(Sideview and Front view)

Wafer downsize(any customized shape and size)

Wafer edge grinding

Beside traditional silicon and germanium substrate, we are also experienced of SiC, GaN, Diamond, as well as glass, sapphire, quartz, glass-silicon bonded wafers, even metal substrates. We are open for all kinds of R&D projects and feasibility study.

Silicon-glass bonded wafer dicing (sideview)

CVD Diamond Metallization and Patterning

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